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Mirror Dream Meaning Interpretation
Mirror Dream Meaning Interpretation

Mirror Dream Meaning Interpretation

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The first thing we do every morning is to look at ourselves in the mirror. Mirror dream is one of the thoughts often experienced because the mirror represents our imagination, so this is related to the conscious or unconscious mind.

Dreaming with mirror can also symbolize some conflicts. A mirror is useful for seeing your defect, tangled hair or acne on the body, this can give some views of an internal conflict; inner struggle, frustration over time, failure to meet your expectation or be excluded in social life.

The dream is very personal. You are the most reasonable person to be able to interpret your dreams. In general, the mirror is the image you want to project to others. You must know the dream context and events in your life to see the meaning of mirror in dreams. Close your eyes and try to remember the reflected image when dreaming with a mirror.

What does it mean to dream of a mirror?

Dreams of a mirror for a single person means to marry. A mirror can also be interpreted as a divorce. Reflecting has different meanings depending on the purpose of your reflection. When looking in the mirror to apply makeup or use mascara, you pay attention to your relatives.

  • The broken mirror dream symbolizes the recent emotional damage. The small part of your soul has been torn apart by significant psychological distress. In other cultures, it is certain that breaking the mirror brings havoc.
  • Dreams with clean mirrors or cleaning a mirror symbolize purity, brilliance, positive energy, and optimism.
  • Mirror dreams are related to how others see you, with the image you project. It implies a strong desire to improve, not just your outward appearance, but also your way of thinking.
  • Breaking the mirror in a dream means you are not satisfied with yourself. You want to look for radical changes in life.
  • Dream of sick and see a mirror means you have to take better care of your health. This vision can also relate to death.
  • Looking in the mirror and seeing someone else is a sign that someone will come to your monotonous life. Of course, it can also relate to the arrival of new members of your family.
  • Dream of seeing shadows spread across the mirror represents your insecurity when making a decision. You are not so sure of the path you have chosen; it may be time to reconsider your goals.
  • Dream of seeing a broken mirror is a bad sign, linked to the coming of bad news.
  • Mirror in the bathroom means you are lost and doubt the way of truth. Follow your instincts and gut feeling. Everything will get better; you just need to give time.
  • Seeing many mirrors in a dream shows your insecurity and lack of will. You should be able to rely on your ability.
  • Dream of seeing your spouse in the mirror can be interpreted as an emotional problem. If you doubt your spouse, you should read about cheating dream.
  • Mirrors made of silver in dreams symbolize something you do not like.
  • Dreams of seeing yourself look more prominent in the mirror mean high dignity.
  • Seeing your face blackened in a mirror means living in poverty.
  • Dream of seeing a dirty mirror means trouble.
  • When you dreamed of seeing the mirror from behind, it means a lot of sin with immoral actions or your boss at work fires you.
  • A woman sees herself in a mirror while dreaming or reflecting in a dream means your husband is having an affair with another woman.

Dreaming about mirrors is usually related to insecurity, mistrust, disappointments and the arduous need for change in our lives.

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