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Hands Arms Dream Meaning Fingers Interpretation
Hands Arms Dream Meaning Fingers Interpretation

Hands Arms Dream Meaning Fingers Interpretation

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Many people rarely share dreams with hands and other parts such as arms and nails. This vision focuses on the hook as part or message sent by the subconscious. Usually, thoughts about teeth and hair more often arise than hand dreams.

Hand in dreams also have extraordinary semantics to interpret. Also, hand dream usually determines very clearly the stage you are living. In general, hand in a dream show give or receive. You can even have nightmares about hands if you need something or help from others.

Whether in your sleep belong to other people or yours has often been experienced by many people. This vision does not necessarily symbolize something particular, although the arm can mean something necessary under certain conditions.

Dreams can be forgotten so quickly when you wake up. If you can remember how you dreamed of seeing your arm, it is possible that your subconscious has a message to be delivered to you.

As you already know, dreams must be interpreted from very personal and subjective perceptions. It will make all dreams do not have the same meaning; it all depends on the conditions in your sleep. Here is the essence of thoughts about hand and other parts:

What does it mean to dream about arms?

If you were dreaming about the arm, the thing you should remember is chronological in the dream. Dream of the arm is a symbol of your concern and your wish to care about those around you. Dreaming of arms is often experienced by people who have sick friends or family members. The arms in your dream are the perception to tell you to care for the people close to you.

Dreams about the arms can also as a result of hard work and challenges in your life. The meaning of this dream will depend on the context of the arm in the dream. If you use your hands and arms to defend, this means you feel attacked, or you have to protect yourself. It can happen because you think injustice or criticism of your work, and you want to counterattack or defend yourself.

If your arm is injured, it symbolizes that you can not afford to take care of yourself. Dreams of injured or broken limbs also mean you feel helpless to help others. People who are unable to support their families may have dreams like this. Dreams of damaged or injured arms can also mean that you feel limited or limited in your activities.

The left arm represents feminine characteristics, such as caring and nurturing. Meanwhile, the right arm represents the masculine nature of the dreamer.

What does it mean to dream about hands?

1. When in a dream that you saw your hands dirty, the symbolizes that you feel guilty for something you did. It also represents that your future full of hard work.

2. When in a dream that you combine your hands, this symbolizes that problem in a relationship of romance. It can also represent your doubts in belief.

3. When in a dream that you saw your hands so clean, this symbolizes if you will be fortunate.

4. When in a dream that your hands were tied, the dream symbolizes that you feel helpless and you feel you cannot do your job.

5. While in a dream that you saw your hands very hairy or if hands are powerful, it symbolizes that you are a very creative and artistic person.

6. When you did the work with your hands, this dream shows that you are a very responsible person even though you are very tired of bearing the burden on your shoulders.

7. If you dreamed of shaking hands, this dream symbolizes your desire to create a unique bond with that person.

8. The left hand represents helpers and friends who help you in many ways.

9. Extended hand means an excess, longevity, and an advantage.

10. Your hands were cut off and left scars; this means some relatives will die or go away and break up.

11. Your right hand was cut off means you are breaking the oath.

12. Your hands were cut off, and you put those somewhere, this means you ask for help from relatives. When the hands have gone, it says you got a disaster.

13. Your left hand was cut off; this means that you will be arriving by relatives.

14. Both your hands were broken, this means disaster strikes you or your wealth will be exhausted.

15. Both hands were on top of the chest; this means that you accept sadness news of friends.

16. Your hands were cut off without pain; this means you love someone.

17. When you put one hand to the other, it means family members are gathered.

18. Your hands were shivering; this means weak, sick or old.

19. Both your hands were wet; this means you rarely do good.

20. When you put your hand in the armpits and hands emit light, this means that you gain knowledge or gain.

21. When your hand emits fire, it means a force.

22. Dream hands apart, this means that you lose the property.

23. One of your hands has a brighter color than the other, which means you survive the enemy’s crime and you make a profit.

24. Walking with both hands means relying on life to one of the family.

25. Hands that can speak with good talk, this means a good life.

26. When something grows in your hand, and you don’t like it like warts, it means terrible will happen to you.

27. Clapping with both hands, this means joy or action that doesn’t work.

Dream about fingers

  1. Dream of the thumb was cut off, meaning loss of authority.
  2. Dream index finger was broken, meaning rarely do kindness.
  3. The middle finger was broken means someone’s death.
  4. A broken ring finger means making money.
  5. Little finger was cut off means the death of a close person.
  6. Fingers were bitten, meaning a bad thing will override.
  7. Dream of fingers explodes, meaning there is a lousy talk among relatives.

Nail in dreams

  1. Dreaming long nails and fear of breaking up means less good and causing harm.
  2. Dreaming nails turns into claws, meaning superior to the opponent.
  3. Dreaming that you do not have any nails at all, it means poor treasure.
  4. Dream of seeing a broken nail means death.
  5. Dreaming cutting your nails means a weakness you will suffer.
  6. Dreaming nails conceded something, this means less good.
  7. Dreaming cut nails with teeth means running something new.

The hands become an essential part because the hands symbolize our work tools and actions, and these are strongly related to esoteric. On the palm, you can see your future that has been written. The hands in the dream show your future.

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