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Dream Meaning Volcanic Eruption Interpretation
Dream Meaning Volcanic Eruption Interpretation

Dream Meaning Volcanic Eruption Interpretation

Dreams of a volcanic eruption refer to the explosive temperament that tends to be unstable. Volcanoes can also mean unwavering will. You may be more vulnerable to dreaming volcanoes if you have done some related activities like watching a documentary about a volcanic eruption.

Think for a moment and try to remember your dreams. Did the volcano erupt? Dream analysts claim that the dream of volcano eruption reveals your feelings over the years. An insurgent attack of anger overwhelms you. In this case, the dream of a volcano has similar interpretation to a bomb explosion. Conversely, a mountain with no volcanic activity symbolizes your level of patience.

Dreams associated with volcanoes are a symbol of your sad life situation. This situation may have negative and positive connotations, so it should not always be interpreted as bad omens.

What does it mean volcano in a dream?

Dreaming a volcano indicates your emotional period. No doubt people who dream of volcanoes can have emotional changes. From passionate people who have found a new love for people who are suffering a lack of love. Dreaming with lave from the volcano can show passionate people.

  1. Dream that you see a volcano that does not erupt, this dream symbolizes that your condition will be in peacetime. It also expresses your stable economy.
  2. The dream that a volcano erupts, it means you are trying to keep your anger. Even so, patience always has a limit. It will cause you to have a fight and violence with someone.
  3. If in your dream of seeing volcanic lava destroy a city, this symbolizes a significant change in your life. It can be a decision you make and ultimately affect your life.
  4. The dream that you are standing in a volcano crater that will erupt, this symbolizes your current emotional instability. You cannot separate personal issues with issues at work or other problems.
  5. If in a dream you see volcanic rocks, it represents the power you have gained from time to time.
  6. If while you were sleeping, and you have a dream of watching black clouds above the volcano, it shows that you impose your feelings on others.
  7. Dreams of lava running through and destroy your goods, this indicates that the same thing happens with a love relationship or friendship.

Volcano-related dreams often occur in people who have difficulty controlling their emotions. You may have made the wrong decision, and you did not think twice. You must learn to manage time, so you will not arrive at an extreme position.

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