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Rainbow Dream Meaning Interpretation
Rainbow Dream Meaning Interpretation

Rainbow Dream Meaning Interpretation

When you dream of a rainbow, then you feel refreshed and delighted, because the rainbow always delivers you to the children’s story, where there is still a joy. Dreaming of a rainbow is a perfect sign. Rainbows usually appear after rain accompanied by the sun. It symbolizes that severe weather has passed. Similarly, in dreams, the rainbow represents the end of storms and disasters and finally comes a great peace and serenity.

The dreams sometimes come when you’re sleeping, as you know that. Probably most of you already know that the dream is processing result of the cerebellum that has graced your sleep, there are so many things present, good or bad. However, do you know that a matter present in the dream is a sign of your life? It is believed some people as a thing that could happen in real life. It turns out when you encounter certain things in your dreams, such for example saw a rainbow in your dreams; it gives a sign.

We all already know that the rainbow consists of a variety of colors so that the iris looks like a symbol of happiness for the people. So if you dream of seeing a rainbow, is it also a good sign?

What does the rainbow symbolize?

  1. If you ever saw a rainbow of glowing red, this dream is a good sign for you. If you currently have a strong desire, then your dream can come true, this is a good sign for you, so if you experienced it then congratulations.
  2. Rainbow in full colors would be gorgeous in the sky, and it would be wonderful if rainbow rays bouncing into the air. If you had a dream like this, then this is a sign that you will have a good relationship with rival or enemy.
  3. If you saw rainbows with red color dominance, then it is a sign that your wish will soon come true.
  4. When in a dream that you see a rainbow in the sea, this vision is a sign that you will start enjoying more things in life.
  5. When you see a rainbow over the mountains in a dream, this symbolizes that in the short term you will solve the economic problems you have.
  6. When in a dream that you saw a rainbow over your head, this symbolizes that you will achieve the inner peace that you desire.
  7. When a rainbow in your dream appears on the right side, this is a sign that you will benefit greatly. This vision also symbolizes good health.
  8. When you dream of a rainbow on your left side, this dream is a sign that the people you love will soon escape from health problems.

Meaning of dreams to see rainbow depending on how you saw them in dreams. If you experience one of the visions as above, then you can find out because your thoughts have a meaning. The rainbow in dreams also symbolizes wealth, and you will have many financial benefits.

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