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Reservoir Dream Meaning Dam Interpretation
Reservoir Dream Meaning Dam Interpretation

Reservoir Dream Meaning Dam Interpretation

The reservoir is a building above the river path to hold water. What does the dam symbolize in a dream? If you work in a water-related place, then you can easily have this dream. Many dreams come from your professional activity. On the other hand, dream interpretation becomes more interesting if you do not have an apparent reason to get this picture while you sleep. That’s when you will need the help of a dream dictionary to interpret its meaning.

Many experts say that dams in dreams represent your self-control or how you control your passions. Most likely you internalize your feelings and express them in the form of anger, jealousy, affection. On the other hand, the reservoir also shows stagnation stages. Do you stay where you are? If true, then the dam in the dream has reflected your current condition. But if not, then you need to analyze more about your vision.

The meaning of dreams will depend on factors like the events in your sleep and your condition. That’s why you have to read other interpretations to find meaning similar to your dreams. Here are some other different interpretations when you dream about the reservoir:

What does it mean to dream about a reservoir?

> When you saw a dam in the river in your sleep, this dream indicates that you have to reconsider your plan. If you intend to open a business, then you will have higher costs and less profit than you expect. You will be unrealistic, and your request will be more and more every day. You will not count the time you spent working because all the responsibilities will be with you.

> When you built a reservoir in the river, this dream signifies that you have forgotten your obligation. It is possible that you will be negligent because you need to rest. Everyone will expect you to support and spend time with them. You will conclude that you are merely ignoring yourself. You will try to change these bad habits and focus more on the things that make you happy.

> When you saw the water had reached the height limit of the reservoir, this dream signifies the stage of prosperity. Meanwhile, if you see a dam with clear water, then this indicates the times of trouble, you will be deprived.

> When you saw the dam break, this dream signifies that you will forget your obligations. You also will not be happy with what you have accomplished and everything you do. This dissatisfaction will make you indifferent to the things that are happening around you.

Dreaming about a reservoir at the end of the river also represents the problem solving you have to settle. You need to address specific issues so you can keep moving forward in your life. In another commentary, the dam in your dream indicates that you must also reorder your thoughts and ideas. Try contemplating your plan more mature, or you rearrange.

You can also participate by telling the details of your dreams. What events made you so interested in this dream? Did you see the water overflow? All the details of the events in your sleep make you conclude to get closer to the truth.

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