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Mango Dream Meaning Interpretation
Mango Dream Meaning Interpretation

Mango Dream Meaning Interpretation

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Mango in dreams represents sexual desire and show the erotic passion you have. Mango in sleep also indicates your hope to have a partner for life. Lots of mangoes are scattered in the world. Not all of the mango has a sweet flavor when ripe. You can also taste mangoes with savory flavors like crackers.

Dreams are exciting and enigmatic. For hundreds of years, philosophers have tried to unravel the dream interpretation and give answers to the dream that always come. If you follow a dream dictionary, you will be able to understand the hidden message of the mango in a dream.

Dream experts say that dreaming of mangoes is a sign of the fun times to come. Mango is a very delicious fruit with a sweet taste, depending on the varieties of mango. Some types of mangoes also have a sour taste, but this does not mean that the mango is raw. In the case of nightmares, dreaming of a mango can indicate that you are stuck in some aspect of life, whether in a love affair or a workplace problem.

What does a dream about mangoes mean?

1. When you dream that you eat mango and it tastes delicious, this vision symbolizes that your feelings are suppressed.

2. If in a dream that you eat a green mango with a bad taste, this symbolizes that your humor kills your relationship.

3. If in a dream that you eat a lovely mango, this symbolizes that you have a desire, but you do not dare to make it happen.

4. If in a dream that you eat mango with someone you know in life, it tells you that your relationship with that person is stable.

5. If you dream that you smell the mango, this vision indicates happiness.

6. When you dream that you see a mango on a table, this picture symbolizes your spirit is so high.

7. If in a dream someone took your mango, this symbolizes that the love affair you have will end soon.

8. When you dream that ripe mangoes suddenly rot, this vision shows that your relationship will slowly fade away.

9. When you gave mangoes to others, this dream symbolizes the desire you have to find love.

10. If you dream that you want to get a mango, if you wish to buy it or pick a mango from a tree, this dream symbolizes that you love someone so deep.

11. When you dream of eating sweet mangoes, but you can’t enjoy them because of something, this dream indicates that you need a struggle in your love relationship. You need to work hard to maintain your relationship. If someone you don’t know takes a mango from your hand, this dream shows that a third person is trying to interfere with your relationship.

12. Dreaming of a mango tree indicates that you have the support of those around you. Your family and friends see you as a great and good person. You don’t even need to explain your actions because they believe in you.

13. When you see a ripe mango on a tree, this dream symbolizes that you have something you want to accomplish at a very high price.

Dreaming with mangoes reflects that you must learn to fight against despair. Don’t give up easily.

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