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Lightning Dream Meaning Interpretation
Lightning Dream Meaning Interpretation

Lightning Dream Meaning Interpretation

dream of lightning striking a tree

The lightning in our lives can be frightening because it has a harmful effect. Bolt usually appears more often when it rains. Flash dreams are trusted by many as a sign of protection for the upcoming problems. Even so, the details of your sleep will explain further.

Dreaming of a night and being struck by a flash of lightning indicates a glimpse of hope to escape certain setbacks. The night will be bright with light from lightning. How can the subconscious mind produce this lightning dream?

At certain times of life, we are facing unexpected events. We may be more inclined to dream of natural disasters such as dreaming of earthquake, flood or dreaming of a rainstorm. Thunder and lightning also be early and informed that the storm is coming. In some cases, it can be a symbol of a way to take refuge in conflict situations.

What does it mean lightning in a dream?

1. When you dream that you are in a storm and lightning, it will make you have a hard time, and you can’t avoid it.

2. When you dream of lightning, it shows you the mental power you have. It makes you more aware of the problems that are approaching you.

3. When you dreamed of thunder, this means there are people around you who give you excellent advice but you do not want to listen to it, and by not listening to good advice, your efforts may end badly.

4. When you dream that rain accompanied by lightning and thunder, this symbolizes purity in your life. You will make a significant change in your life from now on.

5. While in a dream that you hear thunder, this symbolizes that there is someone close to you who shows you in danger and you don’t listen to it.

6. When you dream that you see lightning and this makes you blinded by an intense light, this symbolizes that you are not paying attention to the signals sent by your body. It can be related to health or illness.

The dreams of lightning and storms as early events that bothersome. Do you consider that there is a crisis in your work? Have you not learned enough to pass the exam? Your subconscious mind produces this lightning dream as a way to prepare you mentally for the worst scenario.

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