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Lantern Dream Meaning Interpretation
Lantern Dream Meaning Interpretation

Lantern Dream Meaning Interpretation

dreaming of blowing out candles

A lamp is a favorite tool in most buildings and houses around the world. In addition to its beautiful nature, the light must provide lighting. In the old days, before the lamps were found, people also used candle or oil lamp for lighting at home. Why did your subconscious create this dream? It is not strange for you to have a vision about the lights because every day you can see it.

Using a lantern in a dream implies that you are taking the initiative. Your family wants to protect you from cruel reality, but there will be times when you have to accept responsibility for your actions.

Some dream interpreters have said that dreaming about a lamp indicates that you have lost your way of life. Dreaming a lamp or a candle symbolizes that you need to connect with people who can make your life happy. The meaning of dreams varies, and therefore you should take the time to read the various interpretations made by the experts about all the details that have happened in the dream. Here’s the meaning of lamp or candle in a dream:

What does a lamp or candle in a dream mean?

  1. When you see a lamp in a dream, this dream symbolizes help from others.
  2. When you dreamed of turning on many lamps, this dream symbolizes that God will bless you with a dutiful son.
  3. When you dreamed of seeing many lamps, and then you switched them off last night, this symbolizes death.
  4. When you dreamed of seeing a bright lamp, this dream symbolizes justice.
  5. When you dreamed about a lamp in your hand, this dream symbolizes a glory and the power.
  6. If in a dream that you saw a lantern with two axes, this symbolizes children.
  7. When you dreamed of blowing out the lantern, it means that you will thwart someone’s effort, but you will fail.
  8. When you dreamed of walking at night and bringing a lantern, this dream symbolizes an effort you make.
  9. When a lamp was illuminating your house, this dream symbolizes good condition and stable position.
  10. When you dream that you fix the lamp, this dream symbolizes the good news will come to you.
  11. When you dream that you see a lantern rises into the sky with you and never come back, this dream symbolizes your death soon, or you never go back to your place where you belong.
  12. When you dream that you lit a candle, this dream symbolizes pleasure and the power.
  13. If you took a candle from someone’s hand, this dream symbolizes an honor and strength from that person.
  14. If in a dream that you lit a candle, but you put it out, this symbolizes that your relatives will die.
  15. If in a dream that you held a candle, but someone suddenly put it out, this symbolizes slander. You have to be careful with someone in your sleep.
  16. When you saw many lit candles in the school, this dream indicates a bustle in that area.

In general, the lighting such lamp, candle, and lantern in a dream represent a light path. The light is always bright, illuminating our steps. But if the light goes off, then this is a bad sign, because no light that illuminates our path. We live in darkness.

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