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Flour Dream Meaning Powder Interpretation
Flour Dream Meaning Powder Interpretation

Flour Dream Meaning Powder Interpretation

to see wheat flour in dream

Flour is a product of the process of grinding food. Since ancient times, dreaming of powder is one of the most common human dreams to have. Fear and anxiety due to hunger are one of the main reasons behind this dream. Some cultures describe flour as life without economic worries. You already know that to get the powder will go through the process of grinding wheat or other cereals. From wheat flour, groceries are then processed into bread or other foods.

Each type of food has a meaning, as in various fruits. So, you cannot assume that all kinds of food have the same sense. Each has their own symbol. What does the subconscious want to say to you?

Some dream experts claim that dreaming of flour represents your desire to live a pleasant life. Even if you are not an overly ambitious person, you need to keep your future away from economic disruptions. Someone who likes to save money is also prone to dreaming with groceries such as wheat flour. Not only that, in the dream world, white color often represents innocence and harmony. You can overcome the anxiety that prevents you from getting a peaceful life.

Dream interpretation is subjective; you may not feel satisfied just from the previous description. You need to know that every event in your sleep affects interpretation. Here are some other dream interpretations of flour that may fit the picture in your sleep:

What does it mean to dream about flour?

> When you sold a lot of flour, this dream shows that you are making too much effort for something that makes you tired easily. You must remember that you have spent a lot of energy. You have to figure out whether the business you are using matches the results you will get.

> When you saw the flour in your hand, this dream symbolizes that you are trying to face a job that is so heavy and you will not be able to overcome it. You do not even like this job sometimes.

> When you saw others having lots of flour, this dream signifies that you have envy for that person. You have to remember that envy can be a good thing as long as it is worthwhile to give you motivation.

> When you sprinkled flour in your sleep last night, this dream is a symbol that you have opportunities in the field of employment. Someone might offer you a job you do not like. However, you will understand that you make a mistake because you will not get that kind of offer again. You may not appreciate someone who is always faithful to you.

> When you ate the flour, then this dream signifies joy. Happiness and peace will be in your family. Everyone will support each other and share all the good and bad things. The family will be your port where you will always find comfort.

> When you bought flour, this dream shows that you will have a significant advantage in all your business. Speculation that you have done will result in more opportunities that will give you many benefits.

> When you processed the flour, this dream symbolizes that under certain circumstances, you will lose a long-standing friendship. If the powder was on fire, it is a symbol that a situation of danger is targeting you. If you made a cake from flour, it means your love affair will be happy. Good or bad interpretation will depend on the events in your dreams.

> When you used a grinder to make flour, this dream shows that you are willing to make every effort you need to ensure your success.

Flour is a manifestation of everything that suits the economic field. At the same time, this is a sign of a comfortable life. Dreaming of powder represents financial security even you can overcome the problems in finance.

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