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EX: Dream Meaning Past Love Interpretation
EX: Dream Meaning Past Love Interpretation

EX: Dream Meaning Past Love Interpretation

At some point in your life, someone gave significance in your life. Someone who has left memories and deep wounds, it might be so. Someone who plays a fundamental role in your life, good or bad, is more likely to appear in your dreams. You can have a dream about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, a few years after you break up.

Dream about someone in the past can happen if you remembered the person who had been close to you. In this way, it is not surprising if you can have dreams about your friends in the past or to dream about your childhood. But what does it mean to dream about ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend?

Once you dreamed about an ex-girlfriend, you might ask, what does it mean? Why did that dream come up in your dreams? Are you still in love with your ex? Your subconscious tries to send you messages. Perhaps it is the memory of your psyche about how your condition when you broke up.

The possible meaning to dream about your an ex-boyfriend is a matter of concern for his life and environment. When dreaming about an ex-boyfriend, this dream shows you that there is something that causes you to feel the same emotions as when you were in a relationship. Dreaming of ex-boyfriend also indicates that you made the same mistake in the past and you will repeat the same thing.

Your ex-boyfriend

  1. If in a dream that you kiss your ex-boyfriend, it is a memory of passion.
  2. If in a dream that your ex-boyfriend is married or dating a new girl, this symbolizes that you’ve been unhappy with your ex-boyfriend when you broke up.
  3. If you look old in a dream and you see your ex-boyfriend, this dream tells you, that you are too mature for him.
  4. Dreaming that you beat your ex-boyfriend means you feel angry at him.
  5. If your current boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend are fighting in a dream, this dream symbolizes the insecurity in your existing relationship.

Your ex-girlfriend

  1. If in a dream that you see your ex-girlfriend’s mother, this dream indicates that there are some problems that you should fix with your ex.
  2. If you dream that you have an ex-girlfriend, but in reality, you do not have it, then this dream symbolizes a friend from the past.
  3. If in a dream that you see your ex-girlfriend walking inside your house, this symbolizes that you are a rational person.
  4. If in a dream your ex-girlfriend is pregnant with you, this symbolizes that you still love her and you want to go back to her. If the baby is not yours, this dream indicates that you have accepted that the relationship has ended.

Other dreams of your ex

These dreams can have diverse meanings according to what they mean. In this case, if you dream of meeting your ex, this is usually a bad sign.

Dream of meeting your ex and the family, an outbreak of a disease that will attack you and a friend you know.

Dream of seeing your ex that married, married dreams are closely related to the short life of someone we know being a bride in the dream. This vision can also mean sickness.

Dream of meeting your ex-dead, someone will come with bad news.

Dream of seeing your ex that crying, you will get bad news shortly.

Seeing your ex-husband. For those of you who have divorced and dreamed of meeting your ex-husband, then this could mean you will get a mate or have a child from the next marriage.

Seeing your ex-wife. Dream of meeting the ex-wife also has the same meaning to the dream of attending the ex-husband. If you are married again, this is a sign that you are going to have babies, but if you are not married yet, this could be a sign your mate is getting closer.

When in a dream that your ex-spouse is manipulating you, this vision symbolizes that you have to stop being defensive all the time.

While in a dream that your ex-spouse ignores you, this symbolizes that you should stop thinking and starts a new life with new love.

When you want to return to your ex-spouse, this dream symbolizes that you want to revive something of your past.

While in a dream that your ex is kidnapping you, this symbolizes that your ex still wants to be with you.

If in a dream that your ex-partner gave you a ring, this symbolizes that you do not want to be with him anymore.

When you dream that your ex gave you a stuffed animal, this thought symbolizes an immature relationship at this time.

When you are together with your ex-spouse to care for children, this dream symbolizes that there is a problem that has not been completed.

If your ex advises you about your current partner, this dream shows that you do not want to repeat the same mistakes in the past.

While in a dream that you see yourself walking with your ex-spouse, this symbolizes that your ex-spouse is very satisfied.

Many girls often dream about their ex-boyfriends. Why? It happens because generally, most women are more emotional than men. Therefore, this will get carried into your memory. Your thoughts are always reflecting on your dreams about what concerns you to give a solution. Dream about your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend may indicate a desire to get back with him/ her.

The dream of an ex shows us the desire to return to a time when the adult’s responsibility doesn’t exist. It also shows that we need more emotion in our lives, more freedom, and young spirit.

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