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Cow Dream Meaning Cattle Interpretation
Cow Dream Meaning Cattle Interpretation

Cow Dream Meaning Cattle Interpretation

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Cows in a dream are usually related to protection. Cows also are animals that are very obedient and quiet. Cows typically stay at the ranch and farmers have them. In many cultures, the cow is a symbol of fertility, wealth, blessing, and prosperity. In Hindu culture, cows also become purified animals.

Cows as livestock can give the necessities of life, meat or milk. Butter, yogurt, and cheese, obtained from cows. Before the cow used as meat and dairy supplier, people used cowhide as clothing.

Cows have always been highly regarded in many places and have been mentioned in many mythologies. Cows play a role in human life, and even traditional farmers use cows to cultivate the soil. What is the meaning of cows in a dream? Your subconscious often tries to communicate with you to remind you of the danger or event that will occur. Here are various explanations of cow-related dreams:

What does it mean to dream about a cow?

  1. When you dreamed of riding a cow, it means to succeed in the job.
  2. When you saw someone was slaughtering cows means murder.
  3. If you dreamed of killing cattle and then you eat the meat means killing your friend and take his money.
  4. When you dreamed of seeing multicolored cows, this dream symbolizes the disease arise in this year, especially when the cows are lean.
  5. When you saw a fat cows in a dream, it means prosperity in that year.
  6. Dream of plowing with cows means a lot of favors received.
  7. While in a dream that you fight with a cattle, it means a fight with people who have high status.
  8. When you dreamed of milking cows and drinking the milk, this dream symbolizes that you will rich when you live in poverty. When abundant, it means to get richer.
  9. When you dreamed of buying beef, this dream symbolizes that you will marry a rich person.
  10. When you dreamed of milking cow, but you do not drink it, this dream symbolizes to collect a lot of money, but never use it.
  11. If in your dream that cows spoke to you; this dream shows you about wealth.
  12. When a cow were facing you, and it means prosperity.
  13. When you fell off the backs of a cow means changes of your life in that year.
  14. When you fight with cattle in a dream, and it means a fight with a woman.
  15. Dream of biting cattle, means your family of friends betray you.
  16. A green cow means a woman who keeps the sanctity.
  17. When you dream that you see the cows turned into a tiger, means the good becomes evil.
  18. When you dreamed of seeing a white cow, this dream symbolizes a kind word.
  19. As you dream of a fat cow, the dream symbolizes independence and life as you wish. You will no longer have any worries, and you will devote your free time to the things that always interest you.
  20. If you see a thin cow in your sleep, this dream signifies that you will be investing money in your work. You will not listen to the warnings of those who love you. You will face high-risk jobs if you are acting on your ambitions.

The cow is a very popular animal due to the meat and milk. As an analysis and conclusion, dreaming of cows is often a recurring dream, with good and bad meaning. Everything will depend on the context of your dreams.

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