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Witch Dream Meaning Warlock Interpretation
Witch Dream Meaning Warlock Interpretation

Witch Dream Meaning Warlock Interpretation

Witch and warlock are people who use illusion to change reality. In ancient times, people thought witches were evil characters with black magic. Today, although there is no longer a witch, there are still many people who have a profession with an illusion, a magician. Even so, in fact, both are very different.

In general, children are more prone to nightmares with witches or monsters. You may also be surprised if you ever dreamed of a witch. That’s why you opened this page. In ritual ceremonies, magic uses spells to produce black magic and disrupt the victims.

In general, witches or warlocks in dreams represent the rejection of social groups because of controversy. On the other hand, a witch represents evil of those deceitful. Even so, the dream interpretation is personal. You need a more detailed context on what has happened in your sleep. Here are some of the interpretations of various dreams about witches:

What does it mean to dream about witches?

  1. When you saw a witch in your sleep, this dream shows that someone will cheat you. Your insecurity will appear in many situations so that some people will abuse and exploit you. You will trust someone with a sweet mouth.
  2. When you became a witch, this dream shows that you have too much hope. Also, many people around you also require you to match their expectations.
  3. When you became a warlock and did the tricks, this dream shows that you will be lucky in love. You will also be able to rely on your partner. You will not wait to complete all your obligations and face new challenges.
  4. When a witch turned you into an animal or cursed you with a disease, this dream indicates that you are suffering bad luck.
  5. When a witch persecutes you, this dream shows that problems and disappointments will come to your life.
  6. When you saw the flying wizard, this dream shows the capacity of your ability.
  7. When you saw the witch’s gathering, this dream signifies something positive will happen. You will be very successful in social relationships and achieve happiness with your creativity.
  8. When a wizard approached you, this dream signifies that you have to be careful. Usually, this dream comes true; someone will affect you. That’s why you have to be very careful because that person will try to hurt you.
  9. Dream about wizards, you can have when you deal with inner conflicts. Negative feelings try to come out like revenge. If you remember, warlocks always take revenge on people who hurt them and make victims suffer.

A witch is a symbolism of something evil, which will hurt you. Witches are identical with wicked shamans who have black magic. Even a few hundred years ago many people were accused of being witches, they were hanged and burned. If you are very vulnerable to the people who hurt you, you can have dreams with wizards.

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