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Wind Dream Meaning Interpretation
Wind Dream Meaning Interpretation

Wind Dream Meaning Interpretation

Sleeping with open windows allows you to feel the wind. Your subconscious mind gives you a dream about the wind. Individual sounds can strike you during sleep by generating dreams related to sound.

Dream analysts interpret dreams of the wind as an unexpected change. The wind can blow in different directions. Thoughts of an extreme wind or storm show an unexpected journey in your life. You must be ready for setbacks.

Wind dreams may be entertaining for some people. But hurricanes can be dangerous for you. The same thing will happen in your real life. Even so, favorable wind gusts can also help you to fulfill your wishes.

You can dream of wind if you are experiencing turmoil in your life. You consider life to be high-speed and you think you should enjoy and take advantage of the excellent moment in a short time. Wind can also make you fly. Dreams about flying sometimes have a definite meaning, even though you must know your purpose.

What does wind dream mean?

  1. If you dream of high wind or hurricane, then this dream symbolizes that you have a hard time where you should ask for help from others.
  2. When you are outdoor, and you feel the gentle breeze, this dream symbolizes that you are very wise and make sense when making a decision. Meanwhile, this signifies also that you need to take a break.
  3. When you observe a typhoon storm in a dream, this symbolizes that there is something terrible approaching your life.
  4. When you dream that the wind is from the south and it is hot, this dream symbolizes to you that you will overcome all obstacles.
  5. When you dream that you use the wind to move something like a kite, sailboats, etc., it symbolizes that the opportunity you wait so long to come.
  6. When you dream of wind destroying everything, this dream symbolizes your confusion.
  7. When you dream that the wind is blowing from the north, it is a sign of trouble in a love relationship or your work.
  8. When the wind flies you and does not let you walk, then the dream symbolizes to you that very positive things are about to happen in your life.
  9. Dreaming of the breeze symbolizes welfare and economic income.
  10. When you break away from a tornado, this dream symbolizes that you are running away from a problem than you choose to stop the problem.
  11. When you dream that the hot wind blows, then this dream symbolizes that your feelings do not let you make the best decisions, you have to go more sense and not get carried away by emotions. Meanwhile, the cold wind in a dream symbolizes that you are an impartial person when making a decision. Even so, an icy wind and makes you feel frozen express pessimistic nature.

You can also write down your experience of wind dreams with all the details. Did you feel dizzy in your thoughts? Was the wind hot or cold? Did the wind prevent you from doing things you want? Think for a moment to describe the wind in your dreams.

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