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Tiger Dream Meaning Interpretation
Tiger Dream Meaning Interpretation

Tiger Dream Meaning Interpretation

Tiger is a wild animal, the beast, and very dreadful. This creature can kill with sharp fangs and nails. Its ability to fight, make it often dubbed as the king of the jungle, replacing lion. Same meaning with lion dream, the tiger also can be a sign of the events that will be experienced by you. What does it mean when you dream of chased by a tiger or you see a tiger in the dream?

Tigers and other wild animals often become a symbol of illness or hardship if it is present in our dreams. Therefore, chased by a tiger in a dream is considered as a sign that you will be severely ill soon. Nevertheless, the interpretation of a tiger cannot be a general rule. Each new dream can be interpreted correctly by observing the chronology of the dreams we have experienced. Therefore, also, to discuss of being chased by a tiger in your sleep, there are other dreams about a tiger.

What does it mean a tiger in the dream?

Bitten by a tiger in dream
This dream can be a sign that you are very sick soon. If you are not sick, then the person who becomes the backbone of the family will get sick.

Dream of seeing a tiger
If in your sleep that you just met or you saw a tiger, without being hurt or bitten by the tiger, it can be a good sign. According to psychology, this dream can become a hunch that soon you will have the glory and honor, grateful if you have this vision.

Dream of a white tiger
A white tiger in your sleep is often a sign that soon you will meet someone who will give good advice. Take it as learning to make yourself better.

Chased by stripe or black tiger
This dream is a sign that someone is going to claim the promise or debts you forgot. Whenever possible, pay the debt if you don’t want any more serious problems for you and your family.

Chased by a giant tiger
The meaning of this dream is terrible. When a giant tiger chased you, it indicates that the disease is chasing you. Disease group is not just a biological disease, and this condition can also mean difficulty or misfortune.

Chased by tiger cub
The meaning of this dream is a sign that sustenance will come over you soon, fortunately, if you have this nightmare.

Dead tiger in dream
If you see a tiger died in your sleep, it means right for your business. Dead tiger in your vision is a sign that your competitors in the market will retire from competition.

You must be able to react wisely based on the meaning of dreams above. If the dream interpretation of chased by a tiger is related to business competition, you don’t have to stay away from your competitors or even close yourself. It’s better to improve and prepare to face the future.

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