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Spiritual Meaning of Mole on Your Body
Spiritual Meaning of Mole on Your Body

Spiritual Meaning of Mole on Your Body

Almost everyone has a mole on their bodies. Some people consider moles as birthmarks. They seem unaware that the black spots on the skin have the potential to become cancerous.

The mole is a collection of dark-colored pigment cells that grow in the skin area. The shape is varied; some are flat with the skin, some are prominent. The size also varies, there is only a point like, but there is also a diameter up to 0.1 inches. The medical world has not found the role of a mole for the body. However, moles can be signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

Ancestors had always believed in the secret of the moles. There are even people who deliberately do research. The location, color, and size contained on the mole hold a secret about the personality and also the fate of a person. Celestial objects such as the moon, sun and planets were dominating when we are born even affects the color of the mole. Thus the color found on the mole is also related to the zodiac that influences it.

The position of a mole on the body shows certain characteristics in a person. The black mole has a stronger influence than the pale-colored ones. Below is the meaning of a mole that exists in the human body as a sign of the character of someone who has it. You can believe it or not; it’s up to you. However, you try to compare with the mole you have.

Moles on head and face

  • Crown of your head, this represents an intelligent and pious person, although when childhood is pretty naughty.
  • The fontanel, a person with a mole at this location, cannot be trusted because the person often does evil things.
  • On the right side of the head, all your ideas will most likely come true and what you do always brings good luck.
  • On the left side of the head, if you have one, it indicates that you are often incomplete in completing a job, you are a person who always lives in doubt.
  • At the back of the head, this mole symbolizes patience, quiet, loyal, and trustworthy.
  • In the middle of the forehead, the mole in this area represents a sharp, brave mind but cannot control the conversation.
  • In the right or left forehead or both, a person with a mole in this position has sharp thoughts and strong memories.
  • In the right or left temple or both, this represents all effort with great luck.
  • The mole between the eyes and eyebrows of the right or the left symbolizes that a person has a gentle and natural attitude in search of a livelihood.
  • The mole under the right or left eyes symbolizes that the person has no manners and misbehavior.
  • In the corner of the inner eye, between the eyes with the tip of the nose, this mole signifies a gentle heart, a sense of sincerity, and a clear purpose in life.
  • In the corner of the outer eye, between the eyes with the temples, this indicates the person is not saying much.
  • In the eyeball on the white side indicates that the person is chesty and natural to envy, he likes to indulge in lust.
  • In the right eyebrow, this represents good deeds to others and likes to help.
  • On the cheek close to the eye symbolizes that you are someone who is too good, this will make you hard and suffering.
  • In the center of the right or left cheek, this mole symbolizes that many people like you.
  • The mole in the middle of the nose, this symbolizes that your family loves you, you also have a good family life.
  • In the right ear or left, this mole indicates that someone likes to indulge, feel jealous and act rude.
  • Mole on the upper lip or mouth symbolizes intelligence and refined.
  • Below the lips indicates a tender heart, many people love the person.
  • In the curve of the lips, just below the nose, this indicates that the person is articulate and willing to work in any field, but he is difficult to find a livelihood.
  • In the corner of the mouth on the right or left side, this mole symbolizes that a person is articulate but feels difficult and lives in misery.
  • The mole on the chin signifies that someone likes to tell anything and cannot control the words.

Mole in the neck

  • At the front of the neck, this sign represents great thinking, good memories, and making decisions appropriately.
  • In the back of the neck has the meaning of ignorance and narrow thinking.

Mole on the body

  • On the right shoulder, it represents a strong desire and will to achieve the goal.
  • On the left shoulder, this symbolizes that your life has no apparent purpose and no doubt.
  • On the right or left chest signifies a brave with a steadfast heart.
  • In the right or left breast, symbolizing that many people like you.
  • In the midst of the stomach symbolizes excitement in all things, not despair and grateful.
  • In the right or left belly, it represents secrecy.
  • The mole in the navel signifies karmic, airy and joyful.
  • At the waist to the right or the left indicate that you are always working hard to make dreams come true.
  • The mole in the genitals, this signifies the well-being and survival of distress.
  • Among the shoulder with the back (shoulder blade), this indicates the sharpness of thinking and a sharp memory.
  • In the backbone area, this represents a high degree, and many people need your help.

Mole in the arm and hand

  • In the right arm or left armpit, this indicates that someone is substantial in keeping secrets.
  • Among the shoulders and elbows, this mole signifies that the person always keeps the promise.
  • On the right or left elbow signifies good deeds and many people like you.
  • In the curve of the right or left elbow signifies a sharp memory and a sharp mind.
  • Among the wrists with the elbow, this signifies the heart of steel and diligently strives.
  • The mole on the wrist signifies material waste and poverty.
  • On the back of the palm, this signifies austerity and wealth.
  • On the right or left finger, this indicates that your goals succeed. You must careful with your hands. According to myth, when you are fighting and hitting someone, this will give you a very severe pain rather than a blow from someone who does not have a mole in that area.
  • In the palm, this mole signifies a muscular body. You should not fight because it would be fatal to your enemies.

Moles of knee and foot

  • In the right or left buttocks indicates that a person is experiencing difficulties and always distress throughout life.
  • In the crotch, this mole symbolizes the craft in working so often lucky.
  • In the thighs signifies success in achieving goals and lucky in every way.
  • In the groin, under the crotch, it denotes misfortune.
  • On the front knee indicates strong legs. You also dare to face adversity and not envy others.
  • In the curve of the knee or the back of the knee, this represents a mind-boggling and disconcerting mind.
  • The front of the calf signifies poor education, often regretting the decision.
  • In the back of the calf signifies calmness and cleverness.
  • In the ankle, this indicates that you like to beautify yourself.
  • The mole on the heel represents a lie.
  • On the back of the sole has a proper meaning in farming.
  • The mole on the toes indicates that you are happy to do useful work.
  • On the sole symbolizes manners, you do not want to do immoral work.

Believe it or not, moles do not just stick in our bodies. For those of you who believe, the location of a mole relates to a person’s personality. Consider the position of the mole on your body.

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