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Rooster Dream Meaning Hen Interpretation
Rooster Dream Meaning Hen Interpretation

Rooster Dream Meaning Hen Interpretation

There are various dream meanings between a rooster and a hen. Some people believe that dreaming of a rooster is a sign of courage, pride, and dignity while dreaming of a hen is the opposite. Chicken dreams can happen to people with low self-esteem. However, it is essential to analyze the overall context of the vision.

Chickens are domestic birds on the planet. Hens and roosters bred by humans for meat and eggs. From there, a dream of chicken is directly related to home and family. If you have a chicken at home, this vision may have no meaning. But if this desire arises spontaneously, you may be interested in knowing the following dream interpretation.

What does it mean to dream of a chicken?

Dreaming about laying hens, this dream represents a new opportunity in sight. You have a great chance that you should use it best because it will not happen again.

The dream of a golden egg, this vision represents an opportunity to increase your monthly income. Even if you are not rich, you will be able to enjoy an incredible income that you do not count on. You can read more about the gold dreams.

A dream fight against chicken. Do you consider yourself a jealous and protective person? This is how the rooster acts.

Dreaming many chickens symbolizes strong family ties. In certain circumstances, you may feel far away from the people you love, but this does not mean breaking the bond you have with those people.

If you dream of raising chickens, that means you will succeed in every project you undertake. The vision of a hen in your home refers to the love you feel for the family.

Listening to hens singing in dreams is closely related to betrayal and infidelity. It is possible that your partner is expecting more from you, or you are not paying the attention that is needed.

Dreaming of chicken feathers symbolizes good economic clues. The important thing for you is to know how to save money.

Feeding a chicken in a dream is a sign that you have everything you want. You are happy because you see that everything you have done is paying off. Although discomfort will arise, this will not be strong enough to make you emotionally unstable.

Dreaming of a black chicken indicates that you will receive news related to the arrival of some new members, marriage or even the death of the one you love.

Dream of seeing chicken meat indicates a financial situation. You can read more details in meat dreams. A chicken is clucking in an idea identical with protection. If you are a parent, this means your child needs advice.

Dream of dead chicken symbolizes sadness and challenging times. It will be a difficult period, full of worries. It is crucial that you rely on the help of people who appreciate you.


  • Dream of seeing a rooster means you force someone to follow your will.
  • Dream of killing a rooster signifies a good fortune. Even so, this vision also means you have a relationship with someone you do not like.
  • Dream of hearing a rooster crowing symbolizes the way out you get.
  • Dream of holding a rooster means to have a son, or you have high expectations.


  • Hen in a dream means women.
  • Dream of having a hen means to have power and money.
  • Dream of slaughtering a hen means goodness, meanwhile if dream slaughtering chicks say not good.
  • Dream of having many hens in a cage symbolizes goodness and good fortune.
  • Seeing the egg-laying chickens in your home means you get money from a woman.
  • Dream of catching a hen means you will have a son.

Dreaming chickens convey a right message. But the meaning will vary according to context. Rooster and hen in dreams can symbolize your fear of facing certain situations or fear of losing essential people.

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