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Rat Dream Meaning Mouse Interpretation
Rat Dream Meaning Mouse Interpretation

Rat Dream Meaning Mouse Interpretation

dead rat symbolism

Rat symbolizes the idea of rejection. The exact word to describe this creature is dirty and disgusting. Rats evoke a sense of disgust and fear among us. In addition to biologically, rats are always related to a disease.

We often heard that the dream brings a message or a sign for future. No wonder a lot of people want to find out what is the meaning of their dreams so they can predict right steps to run after seeing something in dreams. Rats are rodents shunned by many people for causing many diseases and other things.

Rat dreams can be a nightmare. However, this depends on the detail in your dream. According to another culture, rats represent intelligent beings. Dreams of rats are also often regarded as a bad omen. Good or bad, the dream meanings will depend on the events happening in a dream. Difficulties will be related to rat dreams. You may be guilty of the crime you committed. You can find rats in dirty places.

Bitten by rats in a dream

Meanwhile, the dream bitten by rats often presented as misfortune or calamity. Many people who dreamed of bitten by rats, finally they got hit by trouble, fired from the job, shunned by friends, broken up, and other miserable things. But there is one kind of rat that has the opposite meaning if you dream of being bitten by this type of rat.

Dream of bitten by a rat is a symbol that you feel a little pressure on the environment or a person who you fear. This vision is a form that you get a real threat from your surroundings. Rat is an evil symbol and closely related to something that directly harms you. People who were bitten by rats in a dream got unlucky, perhaps fired from their jobs, shunned by many friends, left by loved ones, and other sad things. But some people think if dreaming of rat is luck. Here are some explanations of bitten by a rat in dreams:

Bitten by a black rat
Black rat often harmful to the human for storing various diseases and other bad things. If this rat bites you, then you will get a big enough calamity and streak, so be careful in doing something.

White rat
If this kind of rat bites you, then you will get high luck like winning a draw or a prize, getting a job, and other fun things, because this kind of rat is the most common kind to keep. If many white rats bite you, this vision symbolizes that you will get a much more substantial fortune for long-term.

Other dreams about rat and mouse

  1. When you dream of white rats, this dream represents a new member of your family or your workplace.
  2. Dream of rats running towards you or chasing you, this symbolizes a severe problem.
  3. Dreaming about rat and cat playing together, this symbolizes that you have a good relationship with your friends.
  4. A dream that a rat is in your clothes, this symbolizes that you are afraid if your secret is revealed. There are some facts that you hide, and you do not want to be exposed.
  5. When you dream that you see a rat, this dream symbolizes that all your efforts will be successful.
  6. When rats attacked you in a dream, the dream symbolizes that you will lose money, especially if you owe.
  7. When a rat running around your house, this dream symbolizes that you will be lucky.
  8. When many rats surround you in a dream, this symbolizes that you have trouble and you have to be very careful with your health.
  9. When in a dream that you see a dead rat or mouse, this symbolizes that you will find a way out of your problem. But when you hold it by your hand or something, it means the opposite.
  10. When you kill a rat in a dream, the dream symbolizes that you can defeat your enemies.
  11. Giant black rat dream symbolizes your fear of disease.
  12. When the rats were attacking your home, this dream represents someone who does not suit you; it is also related to disagreement.
  13. If in a dream that you catch a rat, but you don’t make it, this symbolizes that the problem will not end, but you can still overcome it.
  14. While in a dream that you eat rat meat, this symbolizes regret after you do wrong actions.
  15. If in a dream that you hold a rat, this symbolizes that you will be sick.
  16. If you dream that rats are in bed, this dream represents a problem with your family.
  17. Dream of your house filled with rats, it means you will meet people.
  18. Dream about rat out of your nose or genital; it means a woman with severe behavior.
  19. Dreams of mice out of the house, this vision means a burglar will enter your home.
  20. Mouse tail cut off, it means humiliation.

Dreaming of rats depends on the context. If you feel uncomfortable, then this dream has a bad meaning for you. Meanwhile, if the rats do not hurt you, then you will be lucky.

For someone who is very phobic with this animal, it shows that you are in a troubled life situation. This dream signifies that you have inner turmoil. Seeing the creature, you fear in your sleep indicates a great fear. Also, this vision shows you want to escape from responsibility.

You can use this information as a way to be aware of the steps that you will live. Although the rat in a nightmare cannot be interpreted scientifically, it has been proven by most people in the world.

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