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Flood Dream Meaning Interpretation
Flood Dream Meaning Interpretation

Flood Dream Meaning Interpretation

Flood is a situation where water volume inundated an area and has crossed the boundary so that water flooded the area. Trapped in flood is an unpleasant condition. Not just restrict movement, stuck in the floods can also threaten safety. The flood is described as a critical condition and apprehensive.

In dream interpretation, flooding as the focus of your dream detail can be a dangerous sign or even a good sign for your life. Good or bad meaning depends on how the conditions in the dream and its relation to your life today.

Dreaming flood shows that there are significant changes in your life. Events that will develop will change the way you think. You must also be ready to find the courage and strength you have to deal with possible problems and inconveniences that may arise in your life. Of course, the meaning of dreams about flood will depend on the context of thoughts.

If you have a traumatic experience with a flood, your subconscious can bring this nightmare. This dream is perfectly reasonable because your psyche has not recovered from this exciting experience, so it has nightmares. The flood can be caused by many factors, such as high rainfall. Dreaming of the flood is directly related to problems we cannot solve. Here are some interpretations of flood-related dreams in various situations:

What does it mean to dream about the flood?

Dreaming the flood of dirty water
You have to face serious problems lurking in your life. Your mind can not rest to resolve the conflict. It is also complicated to find a way out or a solution to the problem you are facing.

A dream in the middle of a flood
This vision symbolizes that you have unresolved problems. This instability will destroy you slowly, mentally and physically.

To dream of being safe from a flood
While you dreamed of drowning in flood brings negative omen, this vision represents how you tackle the problems in your life. You strive to get ahead of the bad times.

Seeing a city flooded
This dream refers to a difficult time, where everything goes wrong, and you lose all hope.

Dream of your house flooded
This vision symbolizes an uncomfortable relationship with the family. Differences in opinion can trigger an intense fight. Many times you are more vulnerable to criticism and less tolerant of mistakes or actions of others, so it is essential to learn to distinguish between the problems you face outside the home. Flood in the house is a sad sign, and this is a picture that there will be someone who has an evil intention of you or a thief.

Dreams die in the flood
This vision symbolizes your self-esteem, it’s closely related to the dream of drowning because it refers to the help we need.

Dream of flood with clean water
This vision represents a glaring problem. Although it will affect you, it will disappear in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the mud flood is linked to all the fears that paralyze you.

In general, flood in a dream symbolizes hostility and disease, this raises anxiety and affects our health. Flood dream is a warning that we must move away from a situation that bothers us.

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