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Dream Meaning Vomiting Interpretation
Dream Meaning Vomiting Interpretation

Dream Meaning Vomiting Interpretation

There are many factors why we have a dream of vomiting. Pregnant women may have this type of dreams but also people with anorexia. They dissimulate eating in public and then expel the food through the vomit. Your subconscious knows that they do wrong and induces this dream as a warning.

In severe stress situations, you can also have dreams of vomiting. You have to understand that vomiting can be a defense mechanism of our body as a way to expel those harmful foods. Read the following examples to make a more precise how to analyze such dreams idea.

This unpleasant dream carries a very negative connotation in general, which related to fights, hostilities, and illness. You need to consider the context in which these actions take place as long as you are dreaming, to give you a better interpretation. Here are some of the vomiting dream meanings:

What does it mean to vomit in a dream?

> A dream of vomiting in general
This vision is dissatisfaction with certain aspects of your life or personality. You may want to remove some bad habits, but you find it impossible to do so. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask someone for help. It can also be linked to severe losses.

> Vomit in clothes
This dream signifies contempt in the future that you will suffer because of your impulsive attitude. You can avoid embarrassing situations with little regard for your behavior.

> A dream of seeing someone vomiting
This vision symbolizes someone who wants to hurt us. Many times the appearance deceives you. There are also people who talk behind your back and try to make a scandal to damage your reputation.

> Vomiting blood in a dream
This dream warns you about health problems. It will affect you or your loved ones. It can be a by-product of your life. For a balanced life, it is imperative to keep up physical and mental health. You need to rest to recover energy.

> A dream of eating and then vomiting
This vision symbolizes you will get the stage of the economic crisis. Try to manage your finances well.

> Seeing a baby vomiting
This dream has the meaning that you will gain prosperity and success in the workplace. In general, the baby in the dream has a positive connotation.

Dreams of vomit usually make you feel sick. However, you should not be immersed in depression even if there is discomfort. You have to remember that everything has solutions.

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