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Dream Meaning Abacus Interpretation
Dream Meaning Abacus Interpretation

Dream Meaning Abacus Interpretation

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The abacus is an instrument that people use to perform arithmetic operations. Logically, in modern times, calculators have replaced these devices much more quickly and efficiently. An abacus represents logic, a masculine quality, something more than a feminine intuition. When a man dreams of an abacus, he will remember the more logical side of his personality, or the need to calculate risks, while women need to be more aware of objective qualities and less dependent on their emotions.

Abacus is one of the oldest mathematical tools ever. In general, it has the connotation of problem-solving according to the possible meanings you get. Dreaming an abacus is also an indication that you need a lot of help to deal with unfavorable situations for you. You need to find a balance so that your projects and ideas can be achieved, support from your family will be essential to success. After all, the meaning of this dream will have much to do with how you feel working today.

The abacus in a dream can define yourself that you are uncomfortable with the use of existing technology. Likewise, this implies insecurity in the technological advances. Here is the meaning of the abacus in the dream:

What does it mean to dream about the abacus?

  1. When you use the abacus at work, this dream signifies that you have to work hard to get results that are not so optimal.
  2. When you dream of an abacus, and you are very easy to perform mathematical operations, this picture concludes that you will get success.
  3. When you use someone else’s abacus, this dream signifies that you will receive a lot of criticism that will make you feel terrible. Even so, you should not take it from the negative side because you can learn to overcome it.
  4. When you learn to use an abacus, this dream shows that you should not despair if your project does not materialize quickly. You will need high effort, and this requires your patience to get the results you want.
  5. When you have an abacus, but you do not know how to use it, this dream signals that you will miss a good chance at work.
  6. When you see someone else has an abacus, but that person can not use it, this dream shows that you must help others solve the problem.
  7. When you see a broken abacus in a dream, this picture signifies that your mind must be more open and you do not need to shut yourself down because it leaves you unable to see further.

When you use Chinese abacus, this can indicate that you are a person who does not like new technology. Besides, you want to do everything with your own hands because you do not trust anyone to do the job.

The abacus is strongly associated with the Eastern world. When you wake up, you have to remember all the details in your dreams. Write down all the things you remember in the notebook so you can see the meaning of the dream the next day.

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