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Alligator Dream Meaning Crocodile Interpretation
Alligator Dream Meaning Crocodile Interpretation

Alligator Dream Meaning Crocodile Interpretation

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Alligator is a wild animal that lives in the rivers and swamps. Since the animal is classified as hazardous, So no wonder the thought of seeing alligators are always related to the bad sign. But sometimes, dream about alligator is also a good sign.

Just like any other beast, based on dream interpretation, crocodiles are associated with a threat, pressure, difficulty, or distress. The wild nature of a crocodile that can attack humans so brutally illustrates a condition that complicates humanity.

There are several dreams interpretation of seeing an alligator that has a proper meaning and also positively. You don’t need to bother looking for because already summarized below.

Meaning of alligator and crocodile in dreams

Dream of seeing alligator
Dreams of seeing an alligator is a sign if someone hates and hostile to us. Moreover, dream to see this water animal can also be interpreted if somebody has an evil intention on us. But as before, not all the sense of seeing alligator always have a bad sign. Anyone would feel scared when getting a dream of seeing an alligator. But actually, the dream of seeing an alligator is a good sign because the person who dreamed it would get a fortune.

Dream of seeing a crocodile
It is a warning to be more careful and vigilant because there are enemies who are secretly stalking you and trying to harm you.

Dreams attacked by crocodiles
It is a bad sign, and you will have difficulty due to an enemy or someone who has malicious intentions on you.

Dream of bitten by a crocodile
A bad sign, you will get into trouble. It comes from people around you who do not like you.

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Dreams chased by crocodiles
It is a bad sign, and you will get a problem in your work. It can be pressure, distrust, or disagreement.

Dream of seeing crocodiles lurking you
It is a warning to be careful because there will be someone or an enemy who has evil intentions on you.

Dreaming of the crocodile into the water
A good sign, you will get an increase in the job.

Dream of fighting with crocodiles
It is your struggle against threats, pressure, or evil intentions that come to you.

Dream of shooting crocodiles
If the crocodile is attacking you, and then you kill it, then it is a good sign of your glory to face your opponent.

Dream of conquering crocodile
It’s a good sign, you’ve overcome the problems caused by the enemy or the people around you.

Dream of a white alligator
Dream to see a white alligator is very rare and the meaning of this thought is that you will get something positive. The white color is identical to the symbol of purity and luck.

The dream of killing a crocodile
This dream as a good omen. If you dream of killing a crocodile trying to attack you, then it is a sign that you are going to beat the threat or difficulties that befall you. Seeing the crocodile in a dream, you must remember exactly the details that occur in the thought, because it will give different meanings for your life. If you dream of seeing a crocodile then it is a warning to be careful because there are enemies who secretly want to harm you. If the crocodile you know attacks you, then it is a sign that your enemy will run his evil plan to hurt you.

If in the battle you lose and the crocodile may bite you, then it may be a bad sign for you. Conversely, if you successfully defeat a crocodile and kill it, then it signifies your victory against the enemy. Here are some dream interpretations related to crocodiles in various situations. The following information is just an interpretation and not a sure thing to happen.

Alligator is eating people in a dream
If you dreamed of seeing alligator ate people, though it’s only in your sleep, it’s a sign of horrible experience. You should also be careful if you dream like this because this is a sign when someone threatens you or those who close around you.

Alligator in the house
Can you imagine if this happens in real life? But blessed are those who have ever dreamed of seeing alligator get into the house because the meaning of this dream relates to something good and you’ll have good luck.

Dreaming alligators have a horrible meaning to you. Once you know the meaning of dreams about alligators, you have to be careful. Wish the information above can be useful although these dreams meaning are not 100% correct.

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